Brian B. Hayes is a top internationally renown photographer whoes work is published in magazines worldwide. Brian has a wide range of shooting styles and has photographed covers and spreads for countless magazines such as Maxim, FHM, Vogue, Men’s Health, GQ, Esquire, and many more.

Brian’s first big break was when he attended the Surf Expo in 1998 where he met the owner of Body Glove Swimwear. The marketing team at Body Glove felt that Brian had a good grasp on the brand and image they wanted for their ads and billboards. Brian landed the job and became the Body Glove photographer for many years. He soon became very well known in the Swimwear Industry as his Body Glove photography graced the covers of industry magazines, national ads and billboards. Brian’s shooting style didn’t go unnoticed as he started booking jobs for other top swimwear companies and his career took off.

Brian started to make a big name for himself when he created the Swimwear Network International Calendar “SNI”. The SNI calendar was made-up of 12 sexy swimwear photos from his top swimwear clients. Brian used SNI calendar as a marketing tool and distributed thousands at all the Swimwear Conventions. It was a brilliant decision and the calendar was such a big success that Brian decided to publish SNI nationally. The SNI Calendar made Brian into a calendar publisher and 15 years later Brian’s calendars are still sold in books stores and malls everywhere in the US and Canada.

It was Brian’s Calendars that got his work noticed by the top glamour magazines and soon after he started landing major magazine covers.  Today you’ll find his work everywhere on-line especially websites like Sports Illustrated, Ask Men, Maxim, FHM, and countless more.

Brian’s Swimwear and Lingerie calendars can be seen at: seyahpublishing.com